How to register for a lesson

Please email George Lorenz at no later than on the Tuesday prior to the trip.

You may sign up sooner as classes will fill up quickly! Just ensure to include the date of your lesson in the email. 


Date: See Calendar for dates

Duration 1.5 Hours

Maximum members: 10

For Nordic skiers who would like to try Skate Skiing. Unless you own your own skate skis, you will need to rent the equipment at a cost of $32.00.

Basic free skate (skating without poles)

Proper balance on skate skis for moving forward

One skate technique (skating with poles on flat terrain or slight hills)

Offset (basic uphill technique)

Prerequisite: must have taken an intermediate lesson and​ must be pre-approved by the instructor.

N.B. Rental equipment is limited. Shoes sizes are available from sizes 4.5 to 14, but only 1 or 2 pairs are available in each size. Equipment will be made available on a first come first serve basis, so early sign up is strongly recommended. The deadline for registration is February 6. Once the instructor has given you his approval, your email confirming your desire to be registered for this course will need to include the following information, if you require rental equipment to participate: your height, weight and shoe size. You will be advised well in advance of the lesson whether or not we have been able to reserve the appropriate equipment for you. 


Dates: See Calendar for dates

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Max members: 10


For skiers who feel comfortable on the trail but would like more control, especially on hills. You should be able to do a snowplow stop on an easy hill to take this class. 
Basic review of proper use of equipment 
Review of how to stop safely and how to get up after a fall 
Basic diagonal stride (classic ski technique or parallel skiing) Introduction to double poling 
Intermediate X-Country downhill techniques 
Snowplow stops 
Linked snowplow turns 
Maneuvering hills with intermediate speed 
Track skiing 
How to get in and out of the track safely including when going down hill ​How to take turns in a track 
Learning when it is best to get out of the track – half snowplow and complete stepping out of the track on a downhill ​ 
Prerequisite: must have taken a beginner or an intermediate lesson and must be pre-approved by the instructor. 

Beginner Lesson

​​Dates: See Calendar for dates 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Max. members: 10

For new or very rusty skiers

Short discussion about equipment and clothing

Tips on how to get skis and poles on and off easily

Practice how to fall safely and how to get up after a fall Basic diagonal stride (classic ski technique or parallel skiing)

Basic X-Country downhill techniques (snowplow stop and snowplow turns)

Basic track skiing, how to get in and out of the track safely (half snowplow)​

N.B. Priority will be given to new Ski Club members.​​

Ski Lesson Information

Our instructor will offer lessons during the season from Beginner to Advanced levels. These are indicated on the Calendar tab.

The classes are designed to match the conditions at each resort.

Note that signing up for a lesson does not register you for the day trip. You must sign for the bus trip in the regular way. 


Date: See Calendar for dates

Duration:1.5 Hours

Maximum Members:10

For those who have successfully completed the Intermediate Lesson.  It will focus on hills beyond the current scope of the intermediate lesson.

Advanced snowplow turns

Introduction to Stem Christie (start of a parallel turn in a wedge)

Track skiing on a downhill terrain

Stepping out of the track when going downhill

Skiing downhill terrain with confidence

Double poling in the track

Refresher of diagonal technique (classic skiing in tracks)

Prerequisite:  Must have taken an intermediate lesson and​ must be pre-approved by the instructor.


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