Executive Committee Members & responsibilities

Revised: September 2019


Provide leadership to Club volunteers and members in a manner consistent with and supportive of the Club’s Mission and Constitution.

Chair all Executive meetings – approx. 5 per year.

Receive the Treasurer’s annual proposed budget and year-end report.

Receive reports from convenors once per year or more frequently as needed.

Arbitrate any controversies between members which are related to a Club activity.

Make decisions on urgent matters when time does not permit the Executive to be polled.

Organize the Annual General Meeting for November of each year

Revised: September 2019

Assist the President as necessary.

Assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

Chair the Nominating Committee and manage the elections of Executives at the Annual General Meeting.

Provide background information from past experience for clarification as required.

Revised: September 2019

Assist the President as directed and assume the chair at meetings when called upon.

Direct and oversee the welcoming and orientation of new Club members.

Lead initiatives and procedures as requested by the President.
Become familiar with all Executive roles, procedures and practices in preparation for the role of President.
Serve as the Executive Committee’s archivist by ensuring the maintenance of significant documents and materials to preserve an ongoing record of the Club’s history, including a list of all Club events for insurance purposes.

Liaise between the Executive Committee and the Webmaster vis a vis requests and approvals for changes to the Club’s website.

Deliver the President’s announcements on trips when a second bus is required and provide support to the 2nd Bus Captain when needed.​


Organizational, leadership and communication skills. ​

Revised: November 2022

Prepare yearly operating and trip budgets for approval by the Executive.

Provide Financial Statements for the Annual General Meeting and Executive Meetings.

Prepare financial analysis of various scenarios to support Executive decision making.

Open and maintain an internet bank account for the Ski Club and pay all invoices for budgeted items approved by the Executive. Administer signing authority for the Ski Club’s account. Balance account every month to statements.

Collect annual dues, record cheque #s and deposit. Ensure required Club banking info is up to date in of Nordiq Canada’s Zone 4 system and ensure accuracy of the membership fee debits to Club’s account.

Collect ski trip funds, record cheque #s, balance and deposit. Prepare initial manifest for each ski trip and forward to Trip Convener. Record and keep track of trip pre-payments and postdated cheques. Forward weekly payments to the bus company. Produce year-end annual trip summary reports.

Collect Awards Luncheon fees and deposit. Forward payment to Luncheon venue and purchase ski awards (Tim Horton Cards) in denominations as requested by executive.

Good knowledge of Excel spreadsheets – e.g. development and use of formulas and linking sheets

Knowledge of accounting - balancing accounts, making deposits, recording expenses, creating budgets and conducting analysis.

Revised: September 2019

Maintain minutes of all meetings.

Take minutes and record all votes at all meetings and forward copies to the President and Committee Members.

Reserve AGM for November.

Issues AGM minutes to all members.

Update ongoing record of executive members and other volunteers for the purpose of properly recognizing their service. Make this available to the VP and/or President as needed.

Assists other Committee members as required.

Revised: November 2022
Attend all Club Executive meetings and report on membership status.

Prepare and maintain the membership registration system that includes all required member information, ensuring a link to it is posted on the website.

Arrange permission for member parking at Church on the Queensway on Bus Trip days.

Attend the AGM and accept membership applications, ensuring that all applicants are ages 55 or older and have completed Nordiq Canada’s  current Consent Form.

Forward all monies and cheques received to the Treasurer for deposit.

Keep membership information data up to date in Nordiq Canada’s system with minimum monthly updates and more frequently where there are significant membership changes.

Provide a members list to all members by e-mail before the end of January showing Name, Address and Phone numbers for car pooling and member communication purposes.

Support the orientation and integration of new members within the Club, including informing the Name Tag Convenor of the names of new members.

Record Keeping:
 - retain all member and guest consent forms and accident reports for a minimum of three years
  - track guests and their associated members, for all club activities, to comply with Nordiq Canada’s insurance requirements
  - prepare a membership history report annually and provide a copy to the Club Archivist (currently the VP) for filing as well as to other executives on an as-needed basis.

  - Obtain milage recorded by members each week from Trip Captain and track the totals for each member

Liaise with Nametag Convenor to ensure:
     - new members receive orange/goldenrod name tags

     - regular members have white nametags and executives have yellow name tags

Liaise with Lead Ambassador/Vice President to ensure new members are contacted and offered club orientation information

Assist the successor Membership Convenor as needed to allow for a smooth transition.

Requirements: Ability to compose emails for mass distribution and facility in creating and updating Excel and Word documents. N.B. Most of the incumbent’s work takes place from Nov. – Jan. inclusive.

Revised: November 2022

There is a Trip Convenor and a Trip Captain. The Trip Convenor will plan the bus trips for the season and the Trip Captain will be responsible for a weekly trip. If there is more than one bus then there will also be a Bus Captain.

Attends executive meetings (4 - 6 per year).
Give trip report regarding attendance, number of trips. Share feedback from members regarding bus or resorts.
At AGM present new season’s trip destinations and any relevant information.

Ski Calendar:
Plan the new season’s destinations (January to March).
Begin middle to end of September:
   - Contact the bus broker to determine the transportation costs to ski areas and policy on use of 407.
   - Once the Ski Calendar is set, email the Bus Broker a copy of it for his planning purposes.
   - Contact the ski resorts to determine the cost of trail passes (snowshoe and XC ski) and if they offer a complimentary pass.
   - Once all pricing is known, determine pricing for members for weekly trips, in consultation with Executive and input from the Treasurer.
   - Book resorts as early as possible to avoid being too late. Start the booking process in early October.
   - Prepare a list of trip destinations, including ski lessons*, and dates to be distributed to the membership at the AGM

*NOTE: President to contact Ski instructor for availability and level of ski lesson to be offered

Transfer of Duties if there is a new Trip Convenor:
NOTE: Duties for this position begin after the AGM.
The Treasurer will arrange to have signing authority transferred to them.
The outgoing Trip Convenor will provide contact info for ski resorts and the bus broker (contact person’s name, telephone number and email)

Revised: September 2019

The purpose of this Executive Committee role is to:

       - facilitate the development of qualified future leaders, familiar with the workings of the Club and the needs of its members; and

        - ensure the Committee has adequate resources to oversee and carry out the existing functions of the Club, as well as to improve existing programs, policies and procedures and to create new programs, policies and procedures as may be required.

The incumbent’s primary responsibility is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Club’s Mission and Constitution and of all the activities and practices required to fulfill the requirements thereof.

It is anticipated that the incumbent’s learning will be enhanced through an active involvement in the running of the Club and/or the work involved in the development and management of new initiatives.


Revised November 2022


​Weekly Duties in Advance of Trip:

The Trip Captain, after checking with the resort and the Bus Broker in consultation with the President and/or Treasurer, will decide if the trip is:
   1.  a GO (economic based on number of committed members)
   2.  needs to be cancelled (poor road conditions are anticipated, local weather, destination weather)
   3.  or if the destination needs to be changed (poor or unsafe trail conditions are anticipated at planned resort).

 - Contact bus broker to confirm number of buses by 2:30 PM on the Monday before the trip
 - Manage member cancellations after Treasurer has provided list of members registered for trip and if applicable, a wait list if any, by Saturday night
 - By Monday 8 AM, receive any member cancellation requests

 - Maintain wait list

 - Endeavour to fill empty seats on the bus from a wait list Monday afternoon

 - Distribute email to members to confirm seat on bus by Monday 5 PM. (Include link to trail map and emergency number for resort.)

  - Distribute email to members not on the current week’s trip by Monday 6 PM to let them know there is either (a) room on the bus or (b) the bus is full. Advise if they are on waitlist they will be advised by Tuesday 5 PM if a seat becomes available.

 - Tuesday, check resort snow conditions, find alternative resort if necessary. Confirm with resort.

 - Advise members of any changes to resort as soon as known.

 - Prepare and print bus roster (one copy per bus) showing member (and guest) name, payment status

 - Wednesday at 6 AM, check weather locally and at resort. If weather questionable, talk to bus company. If decision is to cancel,

          - confirm with bus company and broker by 6:30 AM Wednesday

          - Distribute email to all members if cancelling by 7 AM Wednesday

Note: The Trip Captain's trip cost is covered by the Club. 

Wednesday Duties: 
Outgoing Trip:
Register people against bus roster as they enter bus. Confirm if XC skier or snowshoer.
Cheques for current trip, if required, and possibly future trips are to be collected by the Treasurer.

Record and track all Guests, to ensure they have signed the Nordiq Canada Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement before boarding the bus. These agreements are to be transferred to the Membership Convenor for storage. Blank copies should be available on the bus.

Conduct headcount and reconcile with bus roster before bus leaves parking lot.

Confirm destination ski resort with driver. (The bus route should be verified with the driver before leaving the parking lot. If needed due to heavy traffic Highway 407 may be used).

Call the resort with final numbers of participants (skiers, snowshoeing), enroute to the resort.

The President /Bus Captain may choose to make these announcements:
  - introduce the driver, information regarding trail passes, lunch area, return time, etc.

At the Resort

Pay for and acquire trail passes and distribute to members.

Before leaving the resort, ensure area used by members is in as good a shape as we found it, and there are no items left behind.

Return Trip
Before bus leaves, count people and reconcile to bus roster

Circulate distance sign-up sheet (list of members and KM columns). Forward to Membership Convenor/Volunteer who will track cumulative annual KMs.

Final announcements should be made just before arrival at the parking lot, to thank the driver, remind people to take their belongings and deposit garbage in the bag at the front of the bus, etc.

Check the bus for any articles left behind. Give tip to driver. (Payment in envelope provided by Treasurer.)

Revised: November 2022
On trips where a second bus is required:

Greet members and their guests as they enter the bus, check their names off on the manifest provided in advance by the Trip Captain, and record their payments (cheques or cash) for this or future trips, being sure to collect the extra payment required when the trip has not been pre-paid

Ensure guests complete and sign a waiver form before the bus departs

En route to the ski destination mark the names of members and their guests present on your bus on a second copy of the manifest for use on the trip home and make announcements to passengers as requested by the Trip Captain

Provide original completed manifest and payments to Trip Captain upon arrival at the trip’s destination

On the return trip, greet passengers returning to your bus, ensuring that all are accounted for before departure

While en route home, circulate the mileage sheet for members’ completion and circulate treats

Complete your journey with closing announcements as suggested by the Trip Captain

Return completed mileage sheet to the Trip Captain

A friendly welcoming personality

Good organizational and record keeping skills

A cell phone to keep in touch with the Trip Captain en route

A computer and printer to receive and print weekly manifests and other information received from the Trip Captain
The Second Bus Captain receives a free trail pass when serving as Bus Captain

Revised: September 2019

Coordinate planning and preparation for social events, including organizing committees of volunteers where needed and reporting to the Executive Committee for planning, expense approval and analysis purposes.

November: Reception at AGM:
Arrange refreshments including coffee, tea, water, juice, baked goods and include plates, cups, serviettes, spoons, milk, cream, etc.

Setup and cleanup before and after.

March: Wine and Cheese at Ski Hill: 
With Executive arrange site and date. With budget implemented, purchase wine. Order cheese trays depending on guest numbers along with boxes of crackers, grapes, water and juice. Include plastic wine glasses, water/juice glasses, paper plates, napkins, cutlery, serving pieces, baskets, trays, tablecloths, etc.

Setup before and cleanup after.

April: Awards Luncheon Markland Wood Golf Club: 
Arrange a meeting with Catering Manager late February or early March to plan date, menu and cost to present to Executive. A theme is planned, table favours and draw prizes are decided as well as invitations to honourees, member invitation, etc.

September BBQ: 
With executive, plan date, location and invitation (e-mail), including games/events. The Club pays for hamburgers, condiments and coffee/tea etc. Members bring appetizers, salads and dessert. Provided too are plates, cutlery, serving trays, napkins, glasses, etc.

Setup before and cleanup after.

Revised: Sept. 2019

Solicit hike leaders for the Spring and Fall seasons via an address to attendees at our Annual Awards Luncheon and via all-member emails

Provide hike leaders with access to a Hike Submission form, including:

- notes re: leader’s responsibilities

- notes re: hiker’s responsibilities

- headings for completion by hike leader to provide hikers with hike- specific information

Provide hike leaders with access to the Injury Report Form for their guidance and completion, where appropriate

Ensure all Guest Hikers’ completed CCC waiver forms are provided to the Club’s Membership Convenor for file retention

Publish Spring & Fall Hiking Schedules and leader’s description of each hike

Prepare and submit to the Club’s President, by year end, an annual report documenting:

- hikes held and the leader and number of participants for each hike

- a tally of total mileage for each participant

- experiences of note and recommended improvements

Revised: September 2019

Source, purchase and maintain a supply of lanyards (quick release) and name tag holders (cost reimbursed by the club).

Receive names of new club members (after the Annual General Meeting as well as by email throughout the season) from the Club Membership Convenor. For each, produce an orange/golden rod coloured name tag.

Receive names from the Club Membership Convenor and produce white coloured name tags (regular member) for the previous season’s new members as well as club executive members who have stepped down.

Receive names from the Club Membership Convenor and produce yellow coloured name tags for newly elected club executive members.

Distribute name tags to members on ski days.

Note: if name tag holders or lanyards are defective they are replaced at no charge to the member, otherwise there is a $3 fee.

Created: September 2019

Purpose of this Volunteer role is to serve as an information liaison and host for new members in the pre-season from AGM through the 1st 6 weeks of the ski season

It is a non-executive role with a 2-3 month term at start of a given ski year.

Communications are to assure coordination between relevant Coordinators:

> the Membership Coordinator for updated list of new members

> the Nametag Convenor as needed if need to assist distribution of tags on start dates

> the Trip Convenor to finalize planned start dates & changes

The Ambassadors are notified of changes in planned start dates

A status report will be provided for Executive Meeting at end of season

Functions of the role include:

Send an introductory letter to all new members once registration is completed

Determine new members’ ski or snowshoe skills ability and other relevant information by distribution and analysis of a simple questionnaire

Anyone who is identified as lacking basic ski or snowshoe abilities is encouraged to source information in Online How-to videos and if possible, to practice with a friend at a local park.

Facilitate a pre-season face to face or phone conference meeting with new members to promote group cohesion. Review information sources on Website and to reinforce Club Safety Guidelines. Explain the role and scope of the Volunteer Club Ambassadors

Recruit and coordinate Club Ambassadors and provide support to them as needed

Provide follow-up as needed and at end of support program term by a questionnaire with results presented to Executive

Created: September 2019

Club Ambassadors are members who have prior experience with the various ski sites the Club visits and have reasonable trail, ski abilities

Their ski abilities should accommodate to new members’ skills at one or more levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

Good communication and facilitation abilities are essential

They should be familiar with Club Safety precautions as well as accident management

Club Ambassadors are not instructors, simply guides. They will ideally introduce the new member to other Club members to facilitate an independent member ongoing

They can be asked 1 or 2 times for their assistance. The Ambassadors roster should have adequate volunteers to assure their commitment is manageable

A full day or 1/2 day of accompaniment should generally meet the introduction need

Maintain web site


X-Country Ski Club