Executive Committee Members & responsibilities

TERM: Two years

Chair all meetings – approx. 5 per year.

Receive the Treasurer’s annual proposed budget and year-end report.

Receive reports from convenors once per year or more frequently as needed.

Promote the Club and propose new initiatives.

Arbitrate any controversies between members which are related to a club activity.

Make decisions on urgent matters when time does not permit the Executive to be polled.

Liaise between the Club and the City of Toronto.

Organize the Annual General Meeting for November of each year.


Assist the President as necessary.

Assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

Provide background information from past experience for clarification as required.


Assist the President as directed and assume the chair at meetings when called upon.

Lead new initiatives as approved by the President.

Become familiar with all Executive roles, procedures and practices in preparation for the role of President.

Serve as the Executive Committee’s archivist by ensuring the maintenance of significant documents and materials to preserve an ongoing record of the Club’s history.

Liaise between the Executive Committee and the Webmaster Vis a Vis requests and approvals for changes to the Club’s website.

Make the President’s announcements on trips when a second bus is required and provide support to the Bus Captain when needed.


Willingness to serve on the Executive for 6 years (2 years each as Vice President, President and Past president).

Organizational, leadership and communicational skills.


Prepare a yearly operating and trip budgets for approval by the Executive.

Provide Financial Statements for the Annual General Meeting and Executive Meetings.

Open and maintain an internet bank account for the Ski Club and pay all invoices for budgeted items approved by the Executive.

Balance account every month to statements.

Collect annual dues and deposit.

Collect Awards Luncheon fees and deposit.

Collect ski funds, balance and deposit.

Prepare initial manifest for each ski trip and forward to Trip Convenor.

Record and keep track of trip pre-payments and postdated cheques.

Forward payments to the bus company.

Administer signing authority for the Ski Club’s account.

Produce year-end annual trip summary reports.


Maintain minutes of all meetings.

Take minutes and record all votes at all meetings and forward copies to the President and Committee Members.

Reserve AGM for November.

Issues AGM minutes to all members.

Assists other Committee members as required.


Attend all Executive meetings.

Report a membership update at the Club’s Executive meetings.

Prepare and update a yearly membership list in Excel containing the following information: Name, Address, Postal Code, Telephone Number, Birthdates, Gender, Vehicle License Number and e-mail address.

Register our Club Membership with Cross Country Canada (CCC)

Provide the list to all members by e-mail before the end of January showing Name, Address and Phone numbers.

Forward all monies and cheques received to the Treasurer for deposit.

Notify members of any events throughout the year as directed by the Club Executive.

Inform the Name Tag Committee of the names of new members.

Arrange permission for member parking at Centennial Hill on Bus Trip days.

Notify the previous year membership of the date, time and location of the AGM including a copy of the new Membership Application Form by e-mail or by letter post to members not e-mail enabled.

Attend the AGM and accept membership applications.

Assist the successor Membership Convenor as needed to allow for a smooth transition.


This is a two year term. The Trip Convenor’s responsibilities start at the AGM where the Treasurer will arrange to have signing authority transferred to the incumbent. The previous Trip Convenor will pass on the following information: Names, telephone numbers and e-mails of contact persons at the resorts and the bus company.

Trip Procedures:

The Convenor in consultation with the President will decide if the trip is a go or needs to be cancelled or if the destination needs to be changed. This decision may be made in conjunction with the bus company if poor road conditions are anticipated and with the resort if poor or unsafe trail conditions are anticipated. Confirmation of the trip and the number of skiers will be made to the bus company and the resort by Tuesday before noon, weather permitting. The membership will be informed of any cancellations by phone or e-mail after the decision has been made.

The bus route should be verified with the driver before leaving the parking lot at Centennial. If the driver has a transponder available, it may be used on the return trip if needed due to heavy traffic.

Fees for the first trip are collected by the Treasurer at the AGM or sent in the mail to the Membership Convenor. The Treasurer or Trip Convenor will prepare a passenger list or manifest with copies for the Bus Captain if a second bus is required. Members are checked in as they arrive and payment will be accepted at this time for future trips. A head count of passengers will be made before the bus departs at 9:00 AM.

Announcements such as introducing the driver, information regarding trail passes, rentals, ski conditions, lunch area, return time, etc. should be made before reaching the resort. The Convenor may wait until after phoning the resort to make some announcements before arrival.

The Club uses a Club Cheque to pay the ski facility for the day’s passes. The complimentary pass offered by the resort may be used by the Convenor. If there is a second bus, the Bus Captain will be given the second free pass. The Convenor makes the passes available to each member. The collected cheques or cash payment from members will be given to the Treasurer. Before leaving the resort, the Convenor will ensure that the area used by the members is left in the same state as when they arrived, and check for items left behind.

Return Trip
The Convenor must make a head count to ensure that everyone is on the bus before departing. The Convenor will circulate the mileage sheets and keep a running total for each member to be used at the Annual Awards Luncheon.

The Convenor will also manage the draws for donated gifts.

Any further announcements should be made to thank the driver, remind members to take their belongings and deposit garbage in the bag at the front of the bus, etc. A tip of $ 50 is given to each driver in an envelope.

Trip reports with information regarding attendance, complaints re bus or resort etc. should be given to the Executive at each meeting.
A comprehensive trip report is presented at the AGM in November.

Cancellation Procedure by Members
If a skier has prepaid and is unable to participate, the Trip Convenor and Treasurer must be contacted by phone or e-mail no later than 8:00 AM on the Monday preceding the trip. Otherwise a fine will be charged. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the Convenor if they plan to ski the following week. If the member plans to be away or unable to ski for a longer period, the Convenor should be informed.

Pre-Planning Procedures:
These should be started by the end of September. Destinations are planned by the Convenor with input from the Executive. Contact the bus company to determine the transportation cost to ski areas. Contact the ski resorts to determine the cost of trail passes. Confirm trip costs with the Executive with required input from the Treasurer. Prepare a list of trip destinations and dates to be distributed to the membership at the AGM.

Accident – where someone is incapacitated in some way:
1. Make sure the emergency contact is notified.
2. Ensure the person is adequately recovered, or, either at the hospital or being picked up by the emergency contact. This may include getting driven home from the parking lot on the return journey.
3. Make sure the individual is not stranded if the bus will not transport them back.
4. The Trip Convenor must notify the President right away in case of Emergency
5. File a report of the accident.


Co-ordinate planning and preparation for social events, including :
November: Reception at AGM
Arrange refreshments including coffee, tea, water, juice, baked goods plus include plates, cups, serviettes, spoons, milk, cream, etc.
Setup and cleanup before and after.

March: Wine and Cheese at Ski Hill

With Executive arrange site and date. With budget implemented, purchase wine. Order cheese trays depending on guest numbers along with boxes of crackers, grapes, water and juice. Include plastic wine glasses, water/juice glasses, paper plates, napkins, cutlery, serving pieces, baskets, trays, tablecloths, etc.
Setup before and cleanup after.

April: Awards Luncheon Markland Wood Golf Club
Arrange a meeting with Catering Manager late February or early March to plan date, menu and cost to present to Executive. A theme is planned, table favours and draw prizes are decided as well as invitations to honourees, member invitation, etc.

September BBQ
With executive, plan the date, location and invitation (e-mail), including games/events. The Club pays for hamburgers, condiments and coffee/tea etc. Members bring appetizers, salads and dessert. Provided too are plates, cutlery, serving trays, napkins, glasses, etc.
Setup before and cleanup after.
A. Strike Committee as needed
B. Report to Executive Committee

Establish and publish Spring and Fall hiking schedules and solicit hike leaders

Maintains literature and articles about the Club’s activities.

Maintain web site


Issue name tags to members for recording personal and contact information for wearing on outings

Updated Feb 4, 2017.


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